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ISM activists have to follow IDF soldiers around to make sure that they do not shoot at children -

"Though we faxed all of the media outlets in Jerusalem with this info, we have yet to see it reported, except in passing on CNN -- "teenage boy killed in a refugee camp in Nablus." What doesn't cease to amaze me is how journalists can ignore something like the systematic opening of live fire and using tanks against unarmed civilians and children. Our activists in Jenin are having to follow soldiers around daily and stand in between them and Palestinian children -- to keep the soldiers from firing on children. We don't have enough activists here to be everywhere, but where is the international community and the humanity of the world?" --- Huwaida

That's the reason people like Rachel Corrie are needed over in Palestine, and that's why she is a hero - photo of Rachel at a protest.

3-29 - Fury at policing of anti-Ruby protest Hugh Humphries, of the Scottish Friends of Palestine, said: "The Jewish National Fund is essentially a racist organisation."

3-28 - When Jews cry wolf "You can only have terrorist children," and "You deserve to be raped."

3-27 - PROTESTERS GATHER TO DEMONSTRATE OVER MIDDLE EAST EVENTS A thousand protesters gathered in a city centre to demonstrate over recent events in the Middle East.

3-23 - Pro-Palestinian Protest Hits Out at Sharon and Bush

3-23 - Pro and anti-Israeli groups clash at York U Soon after the activists marched into Vari Hall dressed in IDF uniforms, almost all the pro-Israel demonstrators came into the hall and tried to block the installation of the checkpoint and theatrical presentations.
“It would have been a lot simpler had Hillel stayed outside Vari Hall. By coming inside, it created a situation that was much more difficult to manage,” Fisher said.

3-21 - More than 35 wounded in protest against Israel's West Bank barrier A spokeswoman for the rights group put the overall number of wounded at 42, including a woman and a nine-year-old child, both of whom were hit in the head

3-21 - More than 25 hurt during anti-fence protest near Dir Kadis Many of the injured were wounded in the upper body and face, it said. Regulations require security forces firing rubber bullets to aim only at the legs of demonstrators.

3-21 - Israelis fire on West Bank barrier protesters

3-21 - Lenow: Reach out to Palestinian people Especially because I am Jewish and especially because I understand our history of oppression, I cannot be silent while violence is done in my name.

3-20 - Major Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary ``I'm here to stand with the Palestinian people, and to condemn the occupation of Iraq.''

3-20 - Activist pushes for Palestinian cause

3-19 - O'Neill cites involvement of an anti-Israel protest group. "As much as I admire the Princeton members of the group and their work for world peace, the march itself has become associated with causes that I, as mayor, cannot support." And just what does the fine mayor support, occupation and subjugation of an entire people?

3-18 - Palestinian Boy Wounded in Barrier Clash Soldiers fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets to break up people who were throwing stones. A 12-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull from a rubber bullet, hospital officials said. Why do they shoot kids in the head with rubber-coated steel bullets?

3-18 - Jerusalem Arab teen to get NIS 2.5m. compensation in shooting case Muhammad Juda was 16 years old when he was hit in the head by the rubber bullet during clashes on the Temple Mount in October 2000, the week after the latest round of Palestinian violence erupted. Another Arab protestor with a serious injury from an Israeli rubber-coated steel bullet.

3-18 - York students clash at protest "I think that it is really important that people get a balanced message," said student organizer Yaakov Roth, of Hillel. "Yes, there are checkpoints, but they are there to save lives. That was our message." No, that wasn't what they did. They effectively shouted down the opposition, thereby rendering the protest useless, which was exactly the point.

3-18 - Non-violent protest stops West Bank wall

3-17 - Bail for a dozen in Caterpillar outcry

3-13 - 2004 Jerusalem Women Speak Tour Schedule and Bios Three women - Christian, Muslim and Jewish - who are living the history of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will share their experiences and hopes for a just peace.

3-12 - Christian peacemaker denied entry to Israel -

3-12 - Wheels of Justice Tour finally rolls into S.A.

3-11 - Beit Dukka: Protesters peaceful soldiers violent Some photos of this event here.

3-9 - Palestinian demonstrators clash with Israeli army in Jerusalem

3-8 - Eight hurt in barrier protest I will have the Yahoo photos up from this barrier protest and that of the previous days' shortly on the photos page.

3-8 - Refusenik group to appear before EU Parliament

3-7 - Volunteer works toward world peace

3-5 - ACLU decries Pennsylvania police department's bill for protest

3-4 - Building bridges: Wayland man works to tell Palestinian side of the conflict Excellent.

3-3 - CPT Nonviolent Demonstration to Work Palestinian Land

3-3 - A FOURTH VICTIM OF THE ISRAELI ARMY IN BIDDU Mohamed Saleh Bedwan who was shot in the head by the Israeli Army last week during the demonstration against the Apartheid Wall in Biddu passed away this morning.
See also - West Bank barrier protester dies .The Israelis use rubber-coated STEEL bullets that are often deadly. Children have died from being shot (sometimes in the head) by the IDF using these bullets.

3-2 - A Cautionary Tale: Protesters Rally for Human Rights in York, Pennsylvania

3-1 - `Heckler veto' muzzling campuses Pro-Palestinian groups are facing increased censorship on college campuses in Canada, much like they face on college campuses here.

2-27 - Tikkun Leaders Urges Activism Here

2-25 - Two USA Activists Arrested Protesting Against Wall These beatings were shown in the BBC World footage tonight.

2-24 - ‘Wheels of Justice’ tour makes Prescott pit stop Brian Avery has a major problem with the way the conflict between Israel and Palestine plays out on U.S. soil

2-22 - Peaceful Protest "I think they [Israelis] want to push us out from here,"

2-21 - THE MIDDLE EAST KNOW RESPECT, KNOW PEACE - NO RESPECT, NO PEACE By HEDY EPSTEIN Violence, humiliation only aggravate the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Holocaust survivor speaks about Israel's hideous policies.

2-20 - Mideast voices campaign for Palestinian cause at U

2-15 - ISM Activist Wins Libel Suit Against Right-Wing Journalist!

2-13 - Peace activist tells of time in Middle East “Americans do not truly understand a damn thing that is going on over there. When I was there Palestinians would plead with me to come back to America and educate people about what was really happening here. They don’t understand the violence,”

2-9 - Mideast peace group launches chapter in Boca Raton

2-8 - MIDDLETOWN -- Participants in a conference for Middle East activists at Wesleyan University called critics’ charges of anti-Semitism and hate-mongering dead wrong and overblown.

2-7 - Palestinians, Israelis hold joint protest against West Bank barrier

2-6 - Seder benefits rabbis' human rights group

2-6 - Amer Jubran Challenges the Anti-War Movement in the U.S.: "Is the US Anti-War Pro-Resistance?" The government did end up deporting this Palestinian activist. It was a classic witchhunt, propeled forward by the pro-Israelis, no doubt.

2-5 - Students: Divest from Israel Pro-Palestine group kicks off campaign

2-2 - Checking on the checkpoints Sometimes the soldiers say to me, 'Why are you doing this?' I say, 'Because I am Jewish and my grandparents were in the Holocaust.'"

2-1 - Imprisoned For Mobilizing Nonviolent Resistance

1-22 - 'Right to fight for their rights in Palestine' Anne Gwynne back to dispel some of the bull that pro-Israelis cast out about her.

1-19 - Jewish activists opposing the Israeli government's policies face intimidation and harassment via email and on the internet.

1-18 - Los Angeles Activists Rally in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

1-18 - "One man, one vote - and then what will we do?"! Anne Gwynne, Welsh granny - she's back and she's pissed.

1-16 - Solidarity volunteer speaks about being shot in face

1-14 - Rabbi Defends Blocking Israeli Bulldozers - you go, Rabbi!


1-14 - Activist rabbi faces trial in Israel This rabbi, and those like him, are heroes.

1-12 - Jerusalem Rabbi to Face Trial for Protesting Demolition of Palestinian Homes; American Rabbis Sign Protest Letter

1-10 - Christian activists work for peace in Hebron

1-10 - VIDEO: Rights Groups March in Support of Palestinians

1-6 - Israel to Take No Action Against Soldiers

Shooting of activist spurs Israeli scrutiny


8-5 - Israel releases foreign activists held over barrier demo: radio

8-5 - Israeli arrests 47 barrier activists but support for project remains strong

8-5 - Israel arrests fence protesters

8-5 - ISM: Another Palestinian home destroyed: 45 Peace Activists Detained by Israeli Troops

8-1 - Seven injured in northern West Bank anti-barrier protest

8-1 - Clashes at Israeli security fence

7-31 - VIDEO: Demonstrators Protest West Bank Wall

7-31 - Protests gain momentum as Israel completes first section of wall

7-31 - Palestinian, foreign activists demand West Bank barrier be torn down

7-30 - Evergreen student wounded in West Bank protest

7-29 - Belfast activist shot with rubber bullet in Jenin

7-28 - Israeli Troops Shoot to Stop 'Fence' Protest

7-25 - Group Sponsoring Palestine Forum Braced For Controversy

7-21 - PSU student leaves jail

7-19 - Montreal protesters march on behalf of refugees

7-17 - Israel expels Western peace activists for "disturbing" fence construction

7-17 - Palestinians Demonstrate Against Violence

7-17 - Criminalizing the Palestinian Solidarity Movement

7-17 - Rutgers group's unpopular voice is drawing heat Trying to get the Office of Counterterrorism to cancel the conference? That's unbelievable. Do you see what kind of power this lobby wields? And, anti-Semitic? There is also a Jewish group that will be attending the conference. Unreal.

7-17 - Gov. McGreevey angers Jewish groups - I wonder what made him change his mind?

7-17 - She's working for peace

7-15 - Israel arrests protesters as 'security risk'

7-14 - Update on hearing of 8 ISMers / ACTION ALERT

7-14 - Jewish group joins Rutgers pro-Palestinian conference roster

7-14 - Penn State student arrested at Palestinian protest

7-14 - Ex-Fox Valley woman preaching controversial message "Roet, of the consul general's office, defended the state's actions, saying the crackdown on the International Solidarity Movement was preceded by a Palestinian terrorist hiding in an International Solidarity Movement office." - The IDF is still falling back on this claim, which they were forced to retract some months back. They aren't known to be very truthful.

7-13 - Deportation hearing / Statement from ISM prisoners

7-12 - County representatives oppose Rutgers’ Palestinian forum More pro-Israeli politicians trying to silence critics of Israel.

7-11 - Incident in Nablus--Two Coloradans detained by Israeli Army

7-10 - VIDEO: Activists Try to Remove West Bank Roadblocks   more information here .

7-10 - Pro-Palestine forum at Rutgers denounced by Senate leader


7-8 - Stop deportation of activist Amer Jubran - a witchhunt.

7-8 - Pro-Palestine Student Conference Will Go On At Rutgers Kudos to Rutgers for keeping with freedom of speech.   Same article with more info.

7-8 - Coming Home

7-8 - Colorado Delegates arrive in the West Bank

7-8 - Coloradans Arrive in Occupied Palestine

7-6 - Help an ISM Volunteer From New Jersey

7-2 - Camp Against The Occupation, Tul Karem Region

6-28 - Violence in Israel alters local man's life "A spokesperson from the Israeli government said the ISM had "directly hindered efforts to bring an end to wanton terror against our citizens," and in March had harbored a wanted Palestinian terrorist in their Jenin office, according to the statement given to The Chapel Hill Herald." The ISM directly hinders the efforts of the ISRAELI GOVERNMENT to bring terror against PALESTINIAN citizens. And the "Palestinian terrorist" incident is explained here.

6-28 - "Because We Are Jews"

6-25 - ISM Defends Against Slander - Call for Action

6-23 - Checkpoint in park just street theatre

6-18 - US activist: Boycott Israel’s supporters

6-18 - Trial Begins For ISMers / Huwaida Arraf Released

6-16 - Internationals' Updates From Palestine Territories

6-13 - Letters to the Editor Those International Solidarity Movement peace advocates are today's most valiant heroes in bravely standing up to a well-armed and racist nation and doing what they can for real justice and a lasting peace.

5-6 - Pro-Palestinian activists enforce a mock checkpoint in centre of Amsterdam

5-5 - Protest at memorial service for Israeli soldiers

5-2 - Western 'Human Shields' Battered in Mideast Israeli army will no longer allow them entrance. Story below.

Israel to bar pro-Palestinian activists from entering country Tom Wallace charged that Israel wanted to remove groups like the one he works for because Israel doesn't want anyone to see that "the army is the one that's hurting people." ISM statement about what the Israeli army is asserting about the connection between them and the British bomber. Story at the Independent

4-22 - Peace activists prepare mass protest after Briton is gunned down by Israelis   * Photo   Photo   Photo

4-21 - Israeli Peace Now activists

4-21 - Meet the peace activists... Some of the variety of folks who work as activists for the Palestinian people. They embody the true American spirit, and they make me proud :)

4-21 - Speakout: Pro-Palestinian activists courageous A Palestinian American sets the record straight in this editorial about the role of ISM activists.

Pro-Palestinian activists speak

Jewish-Palestinian group delivers peace

4-16 - Last few paragraphs - no more peace activists allowed So says Moshe Ya'alon. Here's what he said about the Palestinians in the past - "Moshe Ya'alon, when in a newspaper interview he likened the Palestinians to cancer and said he was administering chemotherapy." Source.

They Shoot Activists, Don't They?

4-15 - 'Human Shields' Face Dangers in Israel One of the founders of ISM is an Israeli - Neta Golan. The original title to this article was "Casualties among `human shields' raise questions about Israeli military tactics ". It was changed twice by Yahoo for some reason. Here it is with the original title at another site - article.

US golfers participate in Dubai tournament to raise money for Palestinian children :)

Two of the founders of ISM speak in Toronto in Dec. - a Palestinian and an Israeli.

Found on the web: Irish folks helping Palestinians   * 4-7 Video of a peace march in Ireland today Palestinian flag is seen. Bush met with Blair today at Hillsborough Castle to discuss Iraq and the ME peace process. See also Irish show their solidarity with the Palestinians

Jewish chapter critical of Israeli policies


OP/ED: "Like Being Autistic With Power"

Belfast woman protects Palestine homes

3-29 - Army backtracks on details about militant arrest at International Solidarity Movement

3-27 - Israeli army says senior Palestinian militant shielded by foreign activists - there's that standard 'suspected militant' excuse - they're going to use it to try to discredit the ISMers, I see.   * ISM statement on this incident.

3-26 - Protesters lay on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, halting traffic - protesting occupation of Iraq and Palestine.   * Video of protest   *