Apartheid, Discrimination, Racism

Apartheid in the Holy Land - Desmond Tutu - Oddly, the ADL was caught spying on of all people, anti-Apartheid activists (along with pro-Palestinian activists and others). Source Why do you suppose that is, mm? "At the time, Israel was a close ally of the apartheid regime, selling it weapons, tear gas, water cannons and high tech electronic equipment, and jointly developing atomic weapons, in violation of the international sanctions then in effect." - source.

From the US Government's web site -
The overwhelming majority of non-Jewish citizens are Arabs and they are subject to various forms of discrimination. It is not clear that whatever discrepancies exist in the treatment of various communities in Israeli society are based on religion per se. Israeli Arabs and other non-Jewish Israelis are, in fact, free to practice their religions.

The Government does not provide Israeli Arabs, who constitute 20 percent of the population, with the same quality of education, housing, employment opportunities, and social services as Jews. In addition, government spending and financial support are proportionally far lower in predominantly non-Jewish areas than in Jewish areas.
- Source

3-29 - Fury at policing of anti-Ruby protest Hugh Humphries, of the Scottish Friends of Palestine, said: "The Jewish National Fund is essentially a racist organisation."

3-26 - Apartheid in Israel can be defeated: Winnie "Apartheid in Israel can be defeated, just as apartheid in South Africa was defeated," Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, former president of the African National Congress Women's League, said.

3-26 - New York City Police Have A 'Big Mac Attack' As Florida U.S. Senate Candidate Andy Martin Launches Worldwide McDonald's Boycott

3-25 - Franciscans and other religious treated like illegal immigrants For the first time in over 50 years, Israel's government has refused to renew visas belonging to some one hundred nuns, priests and other religious. Now the Holy Land Custodian Spokesman is appealing to Churches around the world for moral and legal support.

3-15 - Israel must stop bias against Arab citizens, use them as mediators: report

3-12 - McConfusion: McDonald's Israel reportedly backs down, while McDonald's HQ stonewalls

3-11 - McDonald's bans Arabic

3-11 - More than just stories: The portrayal of Palestinians in American children's literature

3-10 - Israel ends Arab worker 'marking'

3-10 - McBusted: Mounting evidence supports claim McDonald's Israel fired worker for speaking Arabic

3-9 - Israel Marked Helmets of Arab Workers

3-8 - Why is Apartheid Touted as a Solution?

3-7 - Picking one home over another "It's a shame the people are sitting and counting how many [Jewish] people are born and my daughter and her son are an 'explosion,'" said Hashem Mahameed, a former Umm al-Fahm mayor and member of Israel's parliament. "You have lots of blacks in Washington. Imagine if someone said, "Let's whiten Washington. What would the world say? What would Israel say?"

3-5 - McDonald's Confirms 'no-Arabic' policy at its restaurants in Israel

3-4 - Identity Crisis: Israel and Its Arab Citizens

3-3 - Jewish and Israeli groups demand immediate resignation of Israeli officials

2-25 - Boim apologizes for saying Arabs have 'genetic flaw'

2-6 - Contradictions of Israel's Arabs If you counted the blacks in US this way and called it a 'demographic problem' it would be racism

2-4 - Love and Marriage in Israel: Palestinian and Non-Orthodox Israelis Need Not Apply

1-23 - Israeli Arab Finds No Welcome Mat in Jewish Town

1-22 - The ball is kicked and fans are too: Racism a problem in Israeli soccer

1-20 - Where day to day living has had its heart cut out "There is an added problem because of Israeli racial laws aimed at limiting the number of Arabs living in Jerusalem "

1-12 - Christians not welcome

12-24 - Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract

8-4 - ADL opposes bar on Palestinian citizenship

8-4 - Speaking Out: Israel's Anti-Family Values

8-1 - U.S. to look at Israeli citizenship law What's there to "look at"? It IS discriminatory, I don't know how much one would need to "study it" to make that determination.

7-31 - Israel imposes 'racist' marriage law

7-30 - Israel Continues to Deny Visas to Catholic Religious

7-28 - Israel: Donít Outlaw Family Life

6-18 - Reflection: Where's the Religious Freedom in the Holy Land?

Israeli Apartheid And Terrorism: Part 1, The Reality - so thoroughly disgusting, and it was all possible with our tax dollars, and we have never even been allowed to see this truth.

Denial of Freedom of Religion As guaranteed by the Fundamental Agreement Between the Holy See and the State of Israel

Better a Jew - A woman details her journey in trying to convert to Judaism whilst living in Israel and the obstacles and bigotry she faced.

Rabbi calls for annihilation of Arabs

Arab ban proposed in Jewish areas - - it did not make it to law, but it came close. Never would've gotten out of the gate in the USA.

Proposed Israeli law would ban Christian missionaries. Did this get passed?

Palestinian woman being harassed by settlers

No Palestinian Need Apply