"Tell me those fairy tales of "Israeli democracy." I'll be looking at you like you just escaped from a mental hospital. Tell me about that shining city on the hill." - Tom Hayes - producer of the documentary "People And the Land"

3-17 - Movement controls stunt Palestinian lives - and democracy

2-16- A Jewish state, or a democracy?

2-3 - Most Israelis Don't Believe It (or Support It) The Only Democracy in the Middle East?

4-6 - Palestinians Defiant at Israeli Trial of Barghouthi

4-6 - Palestinian Leader's Trial Opens in Israel

Disabled man 'missing' after being taken from Nablus home by Israeli soldiers

2-20 "..allowing millions of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel "means the destruction of Israel as (an) independent, democratic Jewish state." " - Doesn't sound like a democracy to me especially seeing as how Israel will allow the return of 20,000 Ethopians.

Ethiopians are allowed the right of return to Israel - native Palestinians who were driven out by the hundreds of thousands in '48 and '67, are not

US Govt. Report : "The overwhelming majority of non-Jewish citizens are Arabs and they are subject to various forms of discrimination"

Half a democracy