Boycott/Divestment Campaigns

Somerville Divestment Project

3-25 - Academic boycott of Israel gathers momentum

6-18 - Campaign To Boycott Israeli Products In Switzerland

5-3 - Lecturers under fire after call for boycott of Israel Adopting a stance in opposition of Israel's actions in the Occupied Territories is NOT anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is not a shield to hide behind, nor a defense. If you cannot refute or rebut the reasons for the boycott, then get off it.

4-21 - Syrian group renews boycott of companies trading with Israel

UC Divest

Divest from Israel

Shock Wave Flash about 'cat campaign'

It is illegal for any US citizen or company to boycott Israeli goods

VIDEO: US citizens try to make a citizen's arrest for aiding in the commission of war crimes

UK tightens Israel import laws