Take My Challenge

I challenge any Israeli or any American for that matter, to go over to the occupied territories and get the Palestinians' side of the story. Here's why - Why friends of Israel should see Gaza . If you fear for yourself because you are an Israeli or American - hook up with the Christian Peacekeeper Teams - they can help you. Talk to some of the Palestinians. See it for yourself, that's all.


Watch this documentary - PEOPLE AND THE LAND - It was filmed between the late 80s and early 90s during the first intifada or uprising, by an American - Tom Hayes - who has a history of documenting refugee camps for PBS stations. It's too big for my lil site so here it is in a few places around the net -


Or you can buy it here - http://store.globalexchange.org/peopleland.html

It's possible that your local library or video store has it available to rent.

And the corresponding write-up by the filmmaker is here which is just as informative - People and the Land: Coming to a PBS Station Near You?

If you do either and still feel that what Israel is doing is just and right, then I'll respect that.

If you try to BS me and tell me that you've done either when you haven't, I will find out.

Take my challenge - I DARE YA!

These folks took my challenge. Bravo! See also 6-25 - Truthseekers travel to hotbed of holy land conflict