How to Help

10/24 Urgent appeal: Emergency Gaza Relief Fund This link no longer works (04/2006)

10-11 - How can I send a donation to support UNRWA's emergency services to the palestine refugees?

Write to your representatives at Capitol Hill voicing your disapproval of Israel's policies in the Territories, and ask them how they can sleep at night knowing that we pay for the bullet. Is their political career worth a child's life? This page offers preform letters from the drop-down menu. It's very easy to use, you can even compose your own message and it gets emailed to any or all of your representatives.

Buy a copy of People and the Land and pass it around to everyone you know. Print out the corresponding write-up here (25 pages long), and pass it around as well.

Buy a copy of Palestine is Still the Issue here or here by Briton John Pilger (Filmed in 2002) and pass it around. You can read about this film here, in Pilger's own words.

Other ways to help

Sponsor a Palestinian child

Help Palestinian farmers, buy some olive oil.

More ways to help

2-13 - Mobile therapy centre for Palestinian children With your help, children's souls can be healed

3-27 - From Nablus to Galilee to You: Sindyanna's olive oil soap

Lost Palestinian Costume Archive, please help them