3-17 - 1978: Civilians flee southern Lebanon

3-17 - 1982: Refugees massacred in Beirut camps Babies were shot and refugees fired on while trying to escape as the Israeli troops guarded the perimeter of the camps.

1-10 - Survival of the fittest - Benny Morris on Israel's transfer of Palestinians.

1-4 - 'The family never lived here'

The Expulsion of the Palestinians, 1947-1948

Rabin's Murder Rooted in Zionism's Violent Legacy

5-7 - Palestinians massacred in 1948 war

Deir Yassin Massacre Other massacres

Israel Explores Dark Pages of Its Past The Kafr Kassem massacre of 1956 - note the soldiers' "punishment" for this incident.

Ilan Pappe: Israeli Jewish myths and the prospect of American war

1948: The Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Begins Admission in 1982 That Israel Started Three of Its Wars

More Quotes from Israeli leaders stating that the Six Day War was not one of self defense.

An article that deals with Israel's history of expansionism under the guise of wars of self defense.

The Right To Distort History - find out what happened to the author of this article here.


Al Nakba - The Catastrophe, the other side of the coin of the birth of Israel.

Condensed history of Israel and Palestine - excellent site - Palestinians were massacred early on by Jewish terror groups and hundreds of thousands were driven out thereafter in '48 and '67

Doing things like this will never get you peace, and it still goes on today (land theft - ie. "settlements") - this was long before any suicide bombings occurred.

Palestine 1945-1948 - early Jewish terror gang attacks on the British troops that were stationed in Palestine at the time.

Another condensed write-up of Palestine's history and the current situation

From 1998: Suddenly homeless

The birth of Israel

The Palestinian diaspora

1998 Story - Palestinians struggle to hold onto homes

From Feb - Right of return: Palestinian dream? - they were never allowed to return to their homes because they were not a particular kind of people.

School Official Wants to Mark Israeli Atrocity

Gush Shalom is a widely respected Israeli peace and human rights organization

Gush Shalom's excellent Flash presentation, "Barak's Generous Offers..".

The brilliant offer Israel never made

British Empire blamed for modern conflicts

7-18 - Letters: Palestinian history Mr. Edelstein wants to lay the culpability for the refugees on the backs of the surrounding Arab nations, instead of squarely where it belongs : on Israel.