Stories that the US media largely ignores (aside from other issues)

News that is remarkably absent from the US media that the American public is not being presented with (besides the almost daily violations of international law by the Israeli government) - a work in progress.

People the world over sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians, including me. They are not all terrorists nor are they all terror-supporters. Collective punishment of millions of people for the actions of a few is immoral and unjust. As an American, I can no longer be silent and allow this to go on in my name.

Anything involving the USS Liberty except the news that doesn't make Israel look bad (for example, each time A. Jay Cristol comes out with a new 'find' that purportedly exonerates Israel - that usually gets headlines).

DETAINED BY ISRAEL Palestinian Child Prisoners

3-28 - British MP wants economic sanctions against Israel "It is not enough for the world community, including our own Government, to condemn the Israeli Government's brutal policies of repression," he said, addressing members of his Manchester constituency. "Only widespread economic sanctions on Israel, together with cutting off arms supplies, can make any impact on this Government without a conscience".

3-27 - UN Humanitarian Agencies Urge Israel To Lift Movement Restrictions Into Gaza

3-26 - U.N. Agencies May Have to Cut Gaza Aid Several United Nations agencies may be forced to cut back or end humanitarian work in the Gaza Strip because of Israeli restrictions on their movement into and out of the territory, a U.N. statement said Friday.

3-26 - UN humanitarian agencies urge Israel to lift movement restrictions into Gaza

3-20 - Britain steps up aid to Palestinians

3-18 - Israel army razes 31 houses in Rafah in less than 24 hours: UNRWA The media in China reports this conflict more accurately than the American press. Unreal.

3-11 - UN: Palestinians increasingly unable to get enough food

3-9 - Emergency Statement Occupied Palestinian Territories SAVE THE CHILDREN UK EMERGENCY STATEMENT

3-9 - MEP urges suspension of EU-Israel pact in trade row

3-8 - Women's Day: UN agencies concerned with living conditions of Palestinian women

3-2 - Israeli settlement building grows   Predictably, this story has been thoroughly and utterly ignored by the American press.

3-2 - Israel Settlement Building Rises Despite 'Road Map'

2-13 - Koizumi promises Palestinians that Tokyo will do what it can Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi promised Palestinian ministers Friday that Japan will provide as much financial support as possible to help them overcome economic difficulties and continue efforts to reach peace with Israel.

2-12 - Japan should take lead role in peace process: Palestinians Japan has contributed $650 million to the Palestinians over the past decade, though annual donations have dropped in recent years, Shaath said.

2-11 - UN food agency to help Palestinian farmers with oil purchase

2-7 - News Media Ignore Israeli Terrorism

2-6 - Israel blocks city charity's aid convoy to Palestine

2-6 - Japan donates $4.4m to UNRWA

2-6 - Palestinian Women Hard Hit by Israeli Occupation

2-5 - Shelve Israel trade deal, say MPs

2-5 - MPs urge sanctions against Israel

2-4 - Palestinian malnutrition at African levels under Israeli curbs, say MPs The all-party Commons International Development Committee called for European Union trade sanctions to be imposed on Israel until it allowed the free export of goods from the West Bank and Gaza.

1-30 - Attack on a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance in the Gaza Strip

1-30 - Jewish, Arab Americans Disapprove of Bush Mideast Policy

1-30 - Jewish Voice for Peace Calls For an End To Ongoing Violence Against Civilians

1-28 - 11-year-old boy among eight killed in Israeli tank raid on Gaza City

1-28 - UN overwhelmed by Palestinian homeless demands

1-27 - Palestinian Children and the Second Intifada Testimonies gathered from child prisoners, and confirmed by local and international human rights organizations, demonstrate that from the moment of arrest through their incarceration these children are subjected to a systematic pattern of physical and psychological abuse, often amounting to torture. Such abuse includes being beaten, tied in contorted positions for extended periods of time, deprived of food and sleep, and being threatened and humiliated. Family and attorney visits are regularly obstructed or denied.

1-27 - Palestinians shocked at use of suicide mother

1-27 - Downer offers millions to Palestine aid

1-23 - Pilgrims Face New Obstacle in Holy Land Israeli authorities have imposed new security moves that might keep pilgrims from visiting holy places in the Palestinian territories.

1-23 - Lib Dem MP: Why I would consider being a suicide bomber

1-22 - Palestinian Boy Killed by Israeli Army Mohsan, who was in fifth grade, suffered a single shot to the back of the head, said Dr. Baker Abu Safiyeh at Gaza City's Shifa Hospital.

1-22 - Japan provides urgently required $6 million in emergency assistance to Palestinians

1-21 - Palestinian woman killed in Israeli raid on Rafah camp

1-21 - Radios turn eyes to the skies in tense Gaza

Many civilians have been killed in past strikes on militants in densely populated Gaza and ears are listening keenly to the radios for any hint of a raid.

1-19 - Deaf-mute Palestinian woman wounded by Israeli troops

1-16 - EU Warns Israel Against State Targeted Killings

1-16 - U.N. agency asks Japan to do more for Palestinians

1-15 - Irish FM calls for humanitarian gestures toward Palestinians

1-14 - Israeli goes free on bail

1-13 - China contributes a lot to Palestinian refugees: UN official

1-10 - Survival of the fittest - Benny Morris on Israel's transfer of Palestinians.