3-10 - Being Palestinian By Mike Odetalla

2-21 - THE MIDDLE EAST KNOW RESPECT, KNOW PEACE - NO RESPECT, NO PEACE By HEDY EPSTEIN Violence, humiliation only aggravate the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Holocaust survivor speaks about Israel's hideous policies.

2-2 - "This is not the America my generation fought to preserve" Former Congressman (R) Paul Findley speaks out about Bush, Iraq and Palestine.
"President Bush is so befuddled by the awful carnage of 9/11 and rumors of more assaults to come that he does not see what is vivid to most of the world--the real ground zero of terrorism is in Palestine, not Manhattan. He ignores the real ground zero at great peril to America."

1-27 - An Eskimo In Bantustan

1-18 - Thomas L. Friedman: Israeli policy, American fantasy

1-17 - Two peoples and a single land The only solution for 36 years has been for Israel to end the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank

7-13 - For and against an admirer of Israel

7-13 - Unjust partition at root of the conflict

5-2 - Till Peace Do Us Part - A Palestinian woman and her hunted husband

U.S. biased in favor of Israel

Israel simply has no right to exist

4-18 - Iraq war victory can shake up resistance to Mideast peace

4-18 - Road to peace starts in Jerusalem Important facts that are oft ignored in the US press.

4-18 - Letters from Americans about Israel's aggressive policies Read some of them, they're good.

Legendary birthplace faces a slow death - registration is free. Surprising coming from someone on the editorial board of that paper. They take a big risk of a boycott by pro-Israel subscribers by being so frank.

America is not a role model - Sad, but true. We've become like them, maybe that was the game plan. So that any criticism of these same practices by Americans or the world, will be deemed hypocritical.

Pressure for Palestine The Brits are way ahead of us in terms of knowing how the ME situation REALLY is, and not what the US press would have us Americans believe.

Remembering Deir Yassin - by an American Jew

Israelization of the United States

A Different Kind of Despair   "Up until a year ago," he said, "the Palestinians still had a glitter in their eyes. Now it's all gone, a sign of total despair." "When someone despairs, he has nothing left to lose," I whispered, asking the policeman whether he thought this would lead to more suicide bombings. "No," he said. "It's a different kind of despair, more like the one experienced by the Jews in the European Ghettos."

Anger and Tears at Israel's Wall of Apartheid The Wound Which Has Slashed Palestine to the Bone by ANNE GWYNNE

Consequences for Israel

Ethnic Cleansing: Past, Present and Future

Ethnic Cleansing: Some Common Reactions

Liberating America From Israel

The Great Wall of Denial by Gila Svirsky, Jerusalem - an Israeli woman speaks about the current state of affairs

Murder Under the Cover of Righteousness

Reflections on Zionism from a Dissident Jew - article from Sept. '01 about the history of Zionism.

Israel's Grand Design: Leaders Crave Area from Egypt to Iraq - It really is all about the land. The nonstop "settlement" building (on land that does not belong to Israel) in recent years should have clued you in on that one.

The Big Lie Palestine, Palestinians and International Law

Our Failures Are Borne by Palestinians

Israel's Justification for Killing Palestinians by KATHLEEN CHRISTISON former CIA political analyst

OP: Israeli Repression and the Language of Liars

United Methodist News Service - Commentary: Why is Middle East violence happening now? - tells it like it is.

OP: Israel's Heroism is Terrorism by Anyone Else

Robert Fisk: Truth is a scarce commodity as propaganda war gets into its stride

Adrian Hamilton: Europe does have influence over Israel and should use it now

Paying for the Bullet

Israel May "Transfer" Palestinians During the War on Iraq

It's Time to Get Tough With Israel

Passionate Attachment to Israel

The Israeli poison gas attacks

The Inevitability of Suicide Bombers