Annexing territory taken by force is illegal under international law regardless of the circumstances of the conflict.

Neither Berlin nor Tokyo were annexed at the end of World War II:

Art. 46.
Family honour and rights, the lives of persons, and private property, as well as religious convictions and practice, must be respected.

Private property cannot be confiscated.
Hague Convention

Article 49
The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies
Fourth Geneva Convention Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

UN Resolution 446:
1. Determines that the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East; Source

"But it is their own insane policy of settlement-building that has brought about such misery for Israelis. For a real border separating "Palestine'' from the sovereign state of Israel would afford Israelis much greater security. But Mr Sharon can't erect such a fence because it would cut Israel off from the illegal settlements that it has been building for 35 years on Palestinian land." Source

"This is still active, but 35 years on the Israelis remain in material breach of 242, a breach made all the more flagrant by continued building and settling in the occupied territories. Despite Israeli denials, the message is clear. Israel is not prepared to exchange conquered territory for peace and would appear to prefer to become embroiled in a dirty war with terrorist groups rather than give up a square inch to the Palestinians. " Source

3-21 - Report: US won't recognize major settlement blocs

3-11 - U.S. and Israel to discuss settlements plan

3-11 - Sharon advisers recommend Israeli withdrawal from nearly all of Gaza, up to 24 settlements

3-11 - Israel says it won't raze Gaza settlements in pullout

3-10 - All Israeli settlements east of separation line should be shut: Olmert

3-2 - Israeli settlement building grows   Predictably, this story has been thoroughly and utterly ignored by the American press.

3-2 - Israel Settlement Building Rises Despite 'Road Map'

3-2 - Senior U.S. Officials Returning To Israel Israeli officials also would like to receive greater flexibility in building housing in West Bank settlements it would seek as part of a final peace deal. All of the settlements in the Occupied Territories are illegal, according to the international community.

2-24 - World court case raises questions about Israeli settlements "If the wall defends anything, it is ... the position of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories,"

2-23 - Peres Lobbies U.S. for End to Settlements

2-23 - EU: Gaza withdrawal must not transfer activity to W. Bank The European Union said on Monday that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate Jewish settlers from Gaza would be unacceptable if it simply transferred settlement activity to the West Bank

2-21 - Israel to seek U.S. `compensation' for evacuation

2-21 - Gaza Settlers Say They Won't Leave Again Many of the Israelis in Gaza are devout and invoke the Bible to justify their claim to the crowded strip that is home to 1.3 million Palestinians. A third generation of Israelis is growing up in Gaza.
What the Gaza settlements do to the non-Jewish residents - Palestinians caged in beach paradise.

2-20 - Police, army clash with settlers trying to enlarge rogue outpost

2-18 - Israel making "illegal" outposts into permanent settlements: peace group

2-17 - Israel Approves $20M for Settlements

2-17 - Israeli MPs vote funds for settlements, snub Gaza evacuation plan

2-17 - Sharon attacked on cash for settlements berated for settlement splurge

2-17 - Israel approves settlement cash

2-11 - U.S. Encourages Israel on Dismantling Settlements

2-9 - Israel Settlers Plan Construction Project

2-6 - Sharon could ask US accord to expand West Bank settlement blocs

2-6 - Settlers ready to die for a dismal scrap of desert Religious wackaloons. And we support this nonsense to the tune of billions.

2-5 - ‘This Place Can’t Be Taken Down’ Some government officials are talking about turning the settlements over to the army-probably not the kind of withdrawal Palestinians had in mind.

2-5 - State draws up pay formula for settlers - we will be paying for this plan - see this article and this article.

2-5 - PM to ask for U.S. approval to expand settlement blocs for Gaza withdrawal

2-3 - Settlers Assert Their Right to Gaza Land - What the settlements have meant to the other residents of Gaza - article.

2-3 - Bloody toll of intifada forces Sharon's hand on settlements Opinion polls indicate that a majority of Israelis would applaud the evacuation of settlements. They are tired of the 240,000 West Bank and Gaza settlers dictating the national agenda. The exposed Gaza settlements are increasingly perceived as a burden for which young soldiers resent having to risk their lives.

2-3 - Guests who refused to leave inspired three decades of settlement

2-3 - Netzarim: Symbol of strength and loathing Much of the world considers the settlements illegal, although Israel disputes this.

1-27 - Sharon Denies 7 Israeli Settlements Slated to Go

1-27 - Settlers Accuse Sharon on Removals

1-15 - British Airways removes billboards from settlements, following international campaign

1-12 - U.S. Diplomat Says Israel Must Stop Settlements


8-4 - West Bank settlements still growing

8-3 - Israeli Outposts At Issue

8-3 - A campaign to 'buy' settlers home

8-2 - Israel Orders Removal of Six Settlements

7-31 - US warns Israel on settlements

7-31- Israel Digs in on Settlements; Peace Hopes Slip - The only peace Israel wants is the peace with which it can continue to confiscate and "settle" Palestinian land - and drive the Palestinians off of it.

7-28 - A positive move now looks like a cynical stunt A thousand Israeli soldiers grappled for hours with dedicated Jewish settlers for control of a barren, rocky hilltop in the heart of what may become a Palestinian state.

7-27 - Settlers provide a mountain to climb But nearly two months later the settlers are back and this time the army is protecting them - and Mr Sharon - from embarrassing questions.

7-25 - Bush Criticizes New Israeli Settlements

7-25 - Bush joins Palestinian leader in urging Israelis to halt settlement

7-24 - Thousands Move to Jewish Settlements This Year

7-24 - Jewish Settler Population Grows Despite Peace Moves

7-23 - REUTERS VIDEO: Majority Of Settlers Willing To Leave For Compensation

7-23 - Poll: Most Jewish Settlers Would Leave for Peace

7-21 - Sharon Pledges to Remove Settler Outposts Shalom wants the EU to look away from Israel's crimes against the Palestinians, the way we do.

7-21 -Sharon Vows to End Illegal Settlements

7-20 - Israel to build 30 new settlements - Israel just demolished many Israeli Arab Bedouin homes in the Negev, now I see why.


7-7 - Israeli Settlers Rebuilding Even as Outposts Are Razed

7-2 - No end to the growing settlements insult

6-29 - Stop winks, nods on settlements

6-27 - End the fake evacuations

6-24 - Israeli Scours West Bank for Settlements

6-23 - Unauthorized Outposts Crop Up in Israel

6-22 - Sharon: Israel Can Keep Building Outposts

6-22 - Israel defies road-map and vows to build settlements

6-19 - Troops tear down illegal Israeli settlements "When peace activists tried the same tactic against Israeli bulldozers trying to tear down Palestinian houses in the Gaza Strip, it went tragically wrong and an American activist, Rachel Corrie, was crushed to death by a bulldozer. But it was Israeli houses being demolished yesterday and the army was careful " - This was not lost on me.

6-19 - Settlers at West Bank Outpost Fight Back

6-19 - Troops tear down illegal Israeli settlements "When peace activists tried the same tactic against Israeli bulldozers trying to tear down Palestinian houses in the Gaza Strip, it went tragically wrong and an American activist, Rachel Corrie, was crushed to death by a bulldozer. But it was Israeli houses being demolished yesterday and the army was careful " - This was not lost on me.

6-15 - The war over the settlements

6-15 - Jewish Settlers Build New Outposts - I knew that was going to happen.

5-7 - Cornerstone ceremony marks start of expansion of West Bank settlement Yeh, they're interested in peace alright. That's why they're laying stone to expand a settlement, right?

5-6 - US satellites monitor Israel's roadmap compliance over settlements

Israeli officials recruit Peruvians to convert to Judaism and then persuade them to live in Israeli settlements - They are so desperate to make sure no Palestinian land is left for the Palestinians that they recruit and convert South Americans to fill the (illegal) settlements. It's evil.

2-23 - More war crimes charges may be pending "...The 150 Jewish settlements and their more than 225,000 residents are considered illegal by the international community and the United States has labeled them 'obstacles to peace.' "

UN Experts Say Israeli Settlements Are A War Crime

Israel has seized 42% of West Bank, report says

Report criticises Israeli settlements

The international community regards the settlements as illegal.

Bush also told Israel to stop building Jewish settlements and to make efforts to spare "innocent Palestinians daily humiliation". "The storms of violence cannot go on," he said in the Rose Garden of the White House, hours after speaking to Tony Blair by telephone. "Enough is enough." - from last year, lot of good it did.

Aerial survey shows 34 new settlements built under Sharon

Settlement drive in West Bank

Study: Israel leads in ignoring Security Council resolutions

One of the UN resolutions Israel is in violation of is the settlement issue - that Americans apparently help pay for:
U.S. Economic Aid Found to Subsidize More than Half of Israeli Settlements Costs

"an Israeli group that tracks Jewish settlement activity in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, released a report showing a disproportionate amount of funds from the Israeli government's budget going to settlements. "