Sharon is a war criminal

3-29 - Sharon's troubles deepen in bribe case If Mr Sharon were forced from office, he would probably be replaced by Mr Netanyahu, who has resisted the Gaza pullout.

3-29 - Sharon under attack again after new 'Greek Island' corruption leak

3-28 - Israel's State Attorney: Indict Sharon

3-27 - Sharon may face bribery charges

3-5 - Poll: Most Israelis Want Sharon to Resign

3-3 - Sharon denies links to prisoner's family influenced swap deal

2-20 - Sharon is not the Problem It's the Nature of Zionist Ideology

2-6 - ANALYSIS: ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER ARIEL SHARON UNDERGOES QUESTIONING REGARDING ALLEGED BRIBERY SCANDAL According to one Israeli newspaper, Israeli intelligence has received a large increase in the number of death threats against Sharon from radical right-wing Jewish groups. The settlers are extremely concerned

2-4 - Police to Question Israel's Sharon Over Scandal

1-21 - Sharon bribery scrum heats up

1-12 - Former adviser says Sharon directly involved in corruption scandal: report

1-8 - Don't play with matches "America is prepared to foot Israel's defense bill, but it is not prepared to pay for the caprices of Israeli domestic politics." We are?

1-6 - Secret video tape further implicates Sharon's son in corruption scandal

7-22 - Israeli rights group condemns Sharon "including one at a checkpoint last April in which a soldier, using a piece of cut glass, carved a Star of David into the throat of a Palestinian civilian who was still alive."

7-16 - Sharon Seeks 'New Relationship' with Europe Hundreds of Norwegian protesters jeered Sharon, on his first trip to western Europe in 13 months

7-12 - Sharon faces protests as he flies in for London talks

7-11 - Government defends Sharon's visit The birch tree is considered a symbol of peace in Norway, and many Norwegians are upset that Sharon, pointing to what they call his warrior background and links to Palestinian massacres, will be invited to pose by it as well.

7-2 - Norwegian political party calls for arrest of Sharon for war crimes

7-1 - Israel's premier is Norway-bound "It will be a rare foreign trip for Sharon, who seldom leaves Israel. International criticism over the Sharon government's hawkish policies and harsh treatment of Palestinians also has meant that few heads of state come to visit him, either."

6-28 - Another blow for survivors of Sabra and Shatila "the world looks at us like we are terrorists and evil Muslims and the Israelis are innocent babies. I hope Iím wrong but the reality is obvious. Only God can give us our rights now."

6-23 - The Consistency of Sharon Deception as Strategy

6-20 - 'The real obstacle to peace is not terror, but sabotage by Sharon-backed army'

Israel's dark hour

Israeli envoy to Miami urges Belgian boycott - to protest Belgian court's decision to try Sharon once he's out of office. Economic and political blackmail is also an effective tool used by these groups to force support in the media and politics. This might be considered illegal under the same US law that prevents boycotts of Israel.

Hobeika 'had massacre evidence'

Belgian move against Sharon angers Israel

Put Sharon on trial. Here.

Beirut Massacre as told by Noam Chomsky

Mr. Bush, What about Israel's defiance of UN Resolutions?

Sharon will try to tailor the 'road map' to suit his new coalition

1-15-2003 Belgium opens way for Sharon trial - war crimes, folks

Sharon calls international Mideast peace plan unrealistic

Sharon: Europe Too Biased Against Israel

Sharon Rules Out Hebron Tombs Handover

Sharon's Death Squads coming to a town near you. I don't think the targets will be getting a trial, do you?

"The considerations of state security and the integrity of Israeli society must be considered against the arguments of conscience and belief,"