Palestinian Statehood/Road Map/Peace

3-29 - Spanish official pushes for Mideast solution "the heart of the problem is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

3-27 - Mideast peace depends on territorial justice There will be no Middle East peace until the core question of territorial justice is solved.

3-26 - The Main Danger to Peace It's Israel

3-26 - Seeking Peace In A Troubled Land: Eyewitness Accounts Of Israeli Occupation

3-17 - Chafee: U.S. must do more to make peace in Israel

3-11 - A 'Profile' for Mideast peace

3-9 - EU presidency to meet with promoters of Geneva Middle East initiative

3-8 - Straw willing to help Gaza peace

3-8 - UK: Mideast at 'fork in road'

3-8 - Palestinian PM urges US to help revive Mideast peace process

3-5 - France puts Mideast peace at heart of reform plan

3-3 - Arab League Chief Challenges U.S. Arabs cannot support the Bush administration's new strategy for reforming the Middle East unless the United States addresses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

3-3 - Middle East Peace Vital for Arab Reform - EU Envoy

2-27 - Israel gets EU's opinion on peace

2-27 - Patrick Seale: Can Israel ever live in peace with the Palestinians?

2-24 - Alexander Launches Mideast Peace Plan

2-23 - Jason Alexander to help launch One Voice peace initiative Excellent.

2-9 - Palestinians Could Declare Independence

2-2 - Authors of alternative Mideast peace plan win EU backing

1-25 - Mideast backers take fight to London

1-27 - Wolf slams Bush on Middle East

1-26 - Cheney: U.S. wants Europe support Many Europeans have questioned the administration's commitment to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute and its willingness to pressure the Sharon government in an U.S. election year.

1-24 - Too late for two states? there are more than 400,000 settlers when east Jerusalem is included - crisscrossed with settlers' bypasses and access roads, stripped of water sources and now squeezed into walls and fences that the scope for a genuine two-state solution has already been put in question.

1-24 - New Saudi peace initiative: Arab states to absorb refugees The new Arab initiative, led by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, was presented last week at the U.S. State Department. It would be brought for approval at a summit of Arab League leaders to be held in Tunisia in March.

1-21 - Mideast peace process absent from Bush "State of the Union" address

1-19 - U.S. seeks to engage EU in Mideast democracy drive But EU officials are critical of the low priority the U.S. initiative gives to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which European governments see as the core dispute and key source of radicalism in the region.

1-18 - Top Russian diplomat says no alternative to "road map" peace plan

1-15 - Israel's settlement activity directly contradicts "roadmap": Irish FM

1-12 - Survey: American Jews back Dem. candidates 54% said they favored creating a Palestinian state.

1-11 - Israel to annex parts of West Bank if Palestinians declare state

1-10 - Palestinians Insist on Right to Declare State

1-8 - Palestinians Ready to Push for One State

1-8 - Don't play with matches "America is prepared to foot Israel's defense bill, but it is not prepared to pay for the caprices of Israeli domestic politics." We are?

1-6 - Saudi announces possible Euro-Arab action to revive Mideast "roadmap"


7-24 - Abbas: Israel Hinders Mideast Peace Plan

7-24 - Christian Zionists Criticized for Opposition to 'Road Map'

7-22 - Sharon Hails Settlers, Challenges ‘Roadmap’

7-22 - Stop wasting time Israel should get on with making peace "Mr Abbas needs to show results. If he fails, and falls, so too probably will the current ceasefire. Is this what Mr Sharon wants? " - Good question.

7-21 - The holes in Israel's road map

7-21 - Palestinians angry after Sharon blocks progress at talks

A source close to the Palestinian leadership said that Israel appeared to have held the meetings to please the United States and had had no intention of offering concessions to the Palestinians which would help them sell their negotiations to their public.

7-20 - A proposal to solve the settler and refugee problems

7-20 - Abbas and Sharon split on prisoners

7-18 - Palestinians await truce benefits

7-18 - EU in fresh bid to boost Mid East role

7-18 - U.S. official says Israel must do more

7-17 - Beleaguered Abbas to urge US to use influence on Israel

7-17 - Middle East tops Blair's US agenda Tony Blair will use his address to the US Congress today to warn America that the world will never be rid of Islamist terrorism unless a settlement is agreed in the Middle East. - I agree.

7-17 - Isolated Arafat calls for help - but is anybody still listening? "Fifty-eight per cent of the West Bank will be confiscated. How can this be accepted by the international community?" "This is a holy statue for the Christians and the Muslims. Saint Mary is the only woman in our Koran. Look: 13 shots, and not one voice is heard. Who can accept this?"

7-17 - UN envoy calls on Israel, Palestinians to build peace momentum and mutual trust

7-16 - House move threatens road map aid But the Bush administration says that the House legislation "would impose conditions that go beyond the road map", forcing the president to seek repeated waivers to allow for aid the US sees as critical for bolstering the peace process

7-16 - Jewish settler tells of 'truce encounter'

7-13 - Sharon set to rebuff UK demands "Mr Blair is widely seen in Israel as having persuaded President George Bush to endorse the "road map" peace process, which many Israelis feel is against their interests." Peace is against the interests of Israelis? ...

7-16 - Palestinian cabinet ministers meet congressmen

7-16 - Sharon rebuffed on Arafat isolation

7-14 - Israeli ploy on Arafat backfires

7-13 - Russia's In Middle East to Discuss Int Forces I think peacekeeping monitors are a great idea, somehow I don't think the Israeli government would allow it. Just a wild guess.

7-13 - Sharon wants Arafat shunned "A senior Palestinian official said it was Sharon who was endangering peace moves with his incitement against Arafat." I agree.

7-13 - Palestinian survey shows few refugees would return to Israel I can't say that I blame them. If I were them, I would not want to be under Israeli rule either, not after all that they have done.

7-13 - Israel points the finger as peace plan stumbles

7-13 - Sharon: Jerusalem will remain undivided Jerusalem was "captured" in the '67 war, and as such does NOT belong to Israel. Annexing land taken by force is illegal under international law (Art. 46 Hague Convention).

7-9 - U.S., Egyptians nurse Mideast peace efforts

7-7 - U.S. Presses for Movement on Road Map

7-4 - Israeli Hold on E.Jerusalem Untouched by Peace Plan

7-2 - Israel defies peace plan with land grab on West Bank Israel is still stealing the land, despite the implementation of the Road Map to peace. This went on during the Oslo Accords. This has gone on all along. This is why there can not truly be peace. The settlement building, the land theft must end.

6-25 - Israeli, Palestinian Doves Launch Peace Petition

6-25 - Two prominent Israeli and Palestinian figures launch peace plan

6-23 - Palestinians Deserve A Realstate

6-23 - Rabbis Rail Against 'Road Map' to Palestinian State

6-21 - U.S. stresses economic benefits of 'road map'

6-21 - Quartet to discuss Israeli military pullouts

6-21 - Moscow is not against peacekeepers' participation in Israeli-Palestinian settlement

6-20 - Powell Urges Palestinians on Peace Plan

6-17 - US Envoy Meets Palestinian PM for 'Road Map' Talks

6-15 - U.S. Troops May Have to Go After Hamas, Lawmaker

6-15 - France Weighs EU Peacekeeping Offer for Mideast

6-15 - Sharon Vows More Attacks on Militants Despite Talks

6-14 - Idea for armed peacekeepers renewed Notice how Israel believes the EU and the UN are anti-Israel, and only the US is trustworthy in their eyes (for a possible peacekeeper mission in the region). It's because our government is so heavily weighted in their favor, that Israel can rest assured that their version of "peace" prevails.

6-13 - Israel opposed to UN peacekeepers: diplomat

5-7 - Peace Plan Prescribes Uprooting Settlers

5-6 - Road to nowhere

5-6 - Israel seeks changes in peace plan; Palestinans cry foul Learn more about the Right of Return and the refugees here

5-3 - Israeli envoy heads for US to lobby against 'road map' Israel wants the land and nothing else will do.

5-2 - American Jewish Committee Welcomes 'Road Map,' Expresses Concern about Ongoing Terror Threat to Israel

4-30 - A Look at the Mideast Peace 'Road Map'

4-29 - Japan pledges 22.25 million dollars in grants for Palestinians

4-29 - Bush Poised to Release Mideast Roadmap Quickly

4-29 - U.S. Condemns Israel Bombing, Won't Derail Road Map

4-29 - Palestinian Parliament OKs New Cabinet

4-28- Israeli: Palestinians Must Drop Demand "About 700,000 Palestinians fled or were driven from their homes during the fighting. With their descendants, they number about 4 million today. Israelis say such an influx would destroy the Jewish character of their state. " - religious bigotry.

4-27 - UK censures Sharon over fence around West Bank

4-26 - Mideast Could Get 'Road Map' Next Week -U.S. Source

4-24 - Bush Pressed to Limit Role of EU, UN in 'Road Map' Notice that this lobby that represents a minority of Americans, has rallied almost the ENTIRE Congress on their behalf. Do not doubt their power in our government.

4-23 - Palestinian Cabinet Pact Paves Way for Peace Plan

4-22 - Israel's parliament speaker lays first stone in settlement expansion - I thought Sharon was going to stop the settlement building..

Israel Doesn't Want Peace

4-18 - PM urges Israel peace move and slams settlements as 'a barrier'

4-18 - Americans lean on Israel to make concessions

4-18 - U.S. policy hinders influence

Wall fears grip West Bank

4-17 - White House pressing Israel to take peace initiative "The Israelis have gone off to consider what they can do. I suspect we will have to accept less than 100 percent delivery on some of them." - I don't think so. We gave the Israelis $14 billion this year alone, they can do better than that.

From 4/16 - UN steps up pressure on Israel

UN steps up pressure on Israel

4-15 - Powell says Mideast roadmap to be published as is despite Israeli concerns

4-14 - Road map to nowhere Sad, but true. Few, if any, US politicians will stand up to the pro-Israel lobby. And if they do, they're out come next election.

4-13 - Sharon Says Israel Will Give Up Settlements for Peace, Certain Conditions Sharon has always opposed a Palestinian state. And he is the person responsible for a lot of the settlements. Something isn't right here.

4-13 - Sharon Says Would Scrap Some Settlements for Peace

American Jews tread softly on `road map' during war in Iraq

4-11 - Church Leaders Encourage New Initiatives to Propel Israeli-Palestinian Peace Excellent.

4-10 - Israel to Palestinians: Learn Lesson of Iraq War The arrogance never ends. The Palestinians have every right to protest an illegal occupation and colonization of their land, and they should continue to do so.

4-10 - Israel Comments Dog Va. Congressman Read about the power of AIPAC in this article and about what happens to those politicians who dare criticize Israel, or show sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

From yesterday: Middle East 'Road Map' Seriously Flawed, Says Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs What makes this small lobby think that they speak for ALL Americans? This is the same lobby that pushed hard for the war on Iraq, seizing on the events of 9-11 to pursue their agenda as evidenced by this statement just 2 days later - statement. These folks do NOT speak for me, they should NOT be allowed to dictate the terms of peace in the Road Map. The sooner we ensure the irrelevance of small power elites such as this, whose allegiance is first and foremost to a nation other than the one they are residing in, the better off the average American will be. Wake up America, see who is pulling the strings in our government (haven't heard much about the investigation of Rachel Corrie's death lately, have we?).
"I've never seen a president - I don't care who he is - stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want....If the American people understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don't have any idea what goes on." - Admiral Thomas Moorer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. More about Adm. Moorer

Israel plays down president's push for 'road map' to end conflict

4-8 - Palestinian Dispute May Delay Peace Plan

4-8 - Bush to Focus on Palestinians After Saddam Is Gone

4-8 - Germany Official Explains Snub of Israeli "He's not going to dictate to me where my office is, nor dictate to us where Israel's sovereignty lies," - ever the portrait of arrogance, these Israelis.

4-7 - Israeli foreign ministry urges rapprochement with EU Maybe if Israel stopped stealing the land and killing the natives, there wouldn't be such "hostility" towards that nation. This is not rocket science.

4-6 - Israel Eyes Security Issues in U.S. Plan - Palestinian death toll for March at 100, 26 of whom were children

4-6 - Peace Activists Blast Settler Move to New Enclave - Israeli government again using the excuse that the 14-year old stonethrower that they shot was throwing a 'petrol bomb'. Right.

Above story at the Guardian - The Israeli government does not want peace, it wants the land.

4-6 - Israel Girds for U.S.-British 'Road Map' Pressure

4-6 - ISM Reports: Mr. Sharon, Tear Down this Wall

4-5 - Israel: It Will Reject U.S.-Backed Plan

US asks Israel to stop populating east Jerusalem neighbourhood: sources - Report on those demolitions by ICAHD here.   * Photo.   Israeli forces bulldoze the Palestinian's homes for not having "proper permits", yet expedite the construction of and movement into the settlements for the Jewish settlers in these very same neighborhoods. These settlements then require costly protection and they also impose the curfews and checkpoints onto the neighboring Palestinian villages for the "safety" of these settlements. Perfect example of this and note that the soldiers will not even allow aid to get in. Tell me again who is terrorizing whom?

Israel's 'road map' manoeuvres

Ashcroft and Delay pander to another pro-Israel group - see statement directly below about America held hostage.   * Photo

4-3 - U.S. Tells Europe It's Serious About Mideast Peace - Actions speak louder than words.

From 5/2001: Appeal for International Intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - We shot down a UN resolution shortly thereafter (12/01) that would have installed international monitors in the territories - source.

Paritzky threatens to pull the plug on illegal West Bank outposts

4-3 - Strange path to Palestine

4-2 - Settlements: The national danger

Mideast 'road map' crucial now

4-1 - Israel and US lock horns over international peace plan

3-31 - Rice says blueprint for Israel-Palestinian settlement is not negotiable

3-31 - U.S. Says Israel Must Aid Peace Process - Condy reiterating this Road Map is not open to negotiation.

3-31 - Baker urges Bush to implement Middle East road map with no conditions - I knew I liked this guy Baker. He just proved me right.

3-31 - Powell sounds optimistic note about Mideast

Bush will stand firm on Middle East road map

Sidelining of Yasser Arafat raises Palestinian hopes

Israelis fear Blair's influence over Bush - Glad to hear someone is taking this matter seriously.

3-27 - Britain seeks to soothe Israeli anger over Iraq comparison - truth hurts.

Bush will push Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hard on a Middle East peace plan

3-27 - U.N. Expert: Israeli Barrier Is Illegal

3-27 - Report: Bush Will Push Sharon on Peace Plan

3-27 - Israel Protests Over 'Appalling' Remarks by Straw

3-27 - Israel dismisses British acknowledgement of West's double standards in Mideast policy

West must show Mid-East 'resolve'

3-24 - George & Tony – friends forever? - Pat Buchanan discusses the Road Map and the probable impending clash between Bush and Blair over it.

3-23 - Israel stalls over new 'roadmap'

3-23 - Israeli security fence meant to destroy roadmap to state: Palestinians

3-14 - Bush to renew Mid-East peace push

3-10 - Bush to Stick With Palestinian State Plan - I hope so. Keep writing and calling in to your representatives.

3-9 - Germany's Fischer pushes for new momentum to resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict - glad to see someone is still paying attention to Palestine.

2-28 - Sharon in Palestine state u-turn

But Powell, asked how the United States could promote democracy, freedom, prosperity and civil society in the Middle East, said: "The most important thing to do is to end the conflict between Israel or the Palestinians."

Powell: Palestine Must Be 'Real State'