There are some people in life who, upon witnessing an atrocity or crime against another person, will pass right on by. Perhaps they are afraid to get involved. Or perhaps they don't care.

Then there are others that would stop and try to help as best as they can. It's what's known as doing the right thing. If our tax money and our veto at the United Nations Security Council are harming innocent children and elderly people (among others), then it's time to seriously reevaluate our foreign policy, at the very least.


What would YOU do, if they came to take your land,     Palestinian Christian landowner Johnny Atik stands next to a dead olive tree in front of Israel's separation fence as a part of his family's confiscated land
kill your children while at school,     Israeli army gunfire killed Noran Deeb in a schoolyard in the southern Gaza Strip     destroy your home,     An elderly Palestinian woman sits in the Israeli army bulldozer tracks in the area around her destroyed house and razed farmland in the Tel Sultan area of the Rafah refugee camp
flatten your orchards,     Palestinian Abdulrahman Yousef, 75, holds a Palestinian flag as he shouts while standing on part of his field of olive trees flatenned by Israeli bulldozers for the construction of a section of the separation barrier     build a wall around your village     Palestinian children walk over a concrete wall, part of the controversial security barrier    
effectively imprisoning you in your own land, or tell you that you cannot return to your home because
you are the "wrong" kind of person?     Fayez Abdullah, an 84-year-old Palestinian refugee, sits outside his shop at the Baqaa refugee camp, near Amman

And when you try to go the world for help, and UN resolution after UN resolution is passed in your favor, but still nothing gets done, then what would you do? Would you give up?

Who are these people, the Palestinians?
What is our money and our abuse of the UN Security Council veto doing to them?

Wait a minute now, before you click away, there is something that every American needs to know about the Middle East conflict:

Our role in it.

But what do I have to do with it, you ask?

Unfortunately, due to the intense lobbying of our legislators by pro-Israel lobbies such as AIPAC, every American has unwittingly become a party to what Bishop Desmond Tutu has called 'the worst apartheid he's ever seen'. Ghandi's grandson compared Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza to the treatment of blacks under South Africa's former white-minority regime, saying what was happening to Palestinians was "10 times worse.". Also, UN agent: Apartheid regime in territories worse than S. Africa. And finally, Chris McGreal's reports Worlds Apart and Brothers in arms - Israel's secret pact with Pretoria at the Guardian UK.

Are the Palestinians a perfect people? No.

Are the Palestinians without fault? No.

Do the Palestinians deserve to be collectively punished for the actions of a few? NO.

More photos of the Palestinians that Americans don't get to see.

What you can do to help

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Once they see the truth, anyone with a conscience cannot turn their back on these people.
For, "When you know the truth, the truth makes you a soldier" - Ghandi

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